Come down to our next event. We love hosting community events with DJ’s, food trucks and more.

We love to Come together

Community events are the heart of NOMAD Bouldering gym. Whether it is a birthday party, competition or a social night with DJ’s and food trucks. We believe there is no better way to bond with like minded people than with some banging tunes, food, drinks and some healthy competition for added measure.

We believe competition is incredibly important for the progression of climbers. We provide avenues for all to take part from grass roots events to elite climbing competitions. People can enjoy all the fun by spectating or taking part.

Five rounds of pumpfest action for climbers of all abilities & ages!

Round 1 - 9th April - 9 Degrees Alexandria
Round 2 -23rd April - St Peters
Round 3 - 14th May - Blochaus
Round 4 - 28th May - Skywood
Round 5 & Series Finals - 11th June - Nomad Bouldering 🥳

How it works:
Each round runs in a pumpfest format. You’ll have three hours to bring your pals and climb your heart out. All climbs are allocated points — log your climbs using the Fingercomps App and your eight highest-scoring climbs add up to your final score.Participate in at least four of the five rounds to get an overall ranking and a shot at the Grand Finals for Open A & B on 11th June.



We're pleased to announce, in collaboration with Arc'teryx, our annual bouldering competition! Take Two is a chilled out, fun and social competition with (plenty of) big prizes! You can come in anytime between the 28th Feb-28th March to work on your projects, as you send simply upload them on our scorekeeping platform (fingercomps) and we'll do the rest.

Take Two has no cost to enter, only entry to the gym (if you aren't already a member) or grab yourself a 1 month membership to cover you for the month and get sending.

You can register now or anytime throughout the month, only catch is... as our setting team will be increasing the turn over of boulders during the month if you miss a set cause you registered after we started that set is gone forever...

The 2021 Sydney Boulder Series (FINISHED)

The 2021 Sydney Boulder Series was the biggest climbing series in Australia’s history! Which culminated in a fantastic finals hosted at NOMAD Bouldering gym. 

The combination of fantastic facilities, amazing athletes, a superb marketing team and a switched on organisation made this event epic! A gruelling 5 rounds at gyms across Sydney led to the  finals being hosted in our specialised competition climbing wall here at NOMAD.

Check out  the professional short films of Sydney Boulder Series on our YouTube channel to relive all the exciting and heart breaking moments.

Watch on YouTube


You are invited for tinnies, tucker and good tunes. We can’t believe it either, we’re 4 😊. We are celebrating on the 3rd of March with food, beers, and tonnes of new boulders plus sick djs all night 👌🏼.

We were taking bookings for the event but it has sold out! If you have any questions about the event please contact us via email at or via our mobile number 0402 670 784.

Members of course were free and non member casual entries were normal prices but with the added benefit of tucker, tinnies and top tunes 😉.

Be sure to keep your eyes out for our next event!


Each year we thank our members and community by throwing our famous Christmas party!

This helps celebrate the fantastic year we all had at NOMAD.

A chilled out evening of socialising is enhanced with new boulders, a range of food, beer, and DJ’s


In 2020, after the impact of COVID on our community, we hosted a food drive to donate to FOODBANK Australia.

Staff and members brought in non-perishables, toiletries and anything to make sure people that had been affected by the financial ramifications of COVID could enjoy a fun Christmas with a full belly.