Take Two

Another NOMAD Bouldering event

We're pleased to announce our annual bouldering competition! Take Two is a chilled out, fun and social competition with (plenty of) big prizes! You can come in anytime between the 20th Feb-20th March to work on your projects, as you send simply upload them on our scorekeeping platform (fingercomps) and we'll do the rest.

Take Two has no cost to enter, only entry to the gym (if you aren't already a member) or grab yourself a 1 month membership to cover you for the month and get sending.

You can register now or anytime throughout the month, only catch is... as our setting team will be increasing the turn over of boulders during the month if you miss a set cause you registered after we started that set is gone forever...


Youth 23rd of March

Open B & A 24th March

How it Works

1.  Climbers can come in at any time during the 4 weeks of qualifiers to tick off their boulders

2.  Top 8 scoring climbs from the month will count towards your final score

3.  Top 6 competitors from the youth category and open categories will progress to finals

4.  Climbers will use the fingercomps app to log their climbs(must submit scores at the end of each week: climbers who wait to the end of the competition to load all their climbs will be deemed as hyper-competitive-fun-spoilers and have a handicap attached to their scores)

5.  Each week scores will be reviewed by admins and anyone with 4 or more of their top 8 scores falling in the above category will be automatically moved up

6.  We encourage people to shoot high when categorising themselves as we tend to find people project a lot more than they otherwise would in the Take Two format and usually surprise themselves with their progress and performance


See below categories to find out which group you're in based on preference and ability.

If you're unsure of your NOMAD grade ask a friendly NOMAD staff member :D

The Take Two categories reflect the diversity of our climbing community.

Open A
Women - Red+

Men - Pink +

Open B
Women - Purple/Black

Men - Black/Red

Open C
Women - Blue-Green

Men - Blue-Purple





Masters 40+


All ages, all genders, all abilities

Find a couple of friends and get logging, climb as many climbs as you can.Each week the trio who scores the highest* will win a prize, compete for 1 week as a team or for the whole month for your chance to win the overall teams prize.

*(No top 8 boulder restriction, total points from as many climbs as you can)If you are unsure of your Nomad grade ask a friendly Nomad staff member :D

*The inclusive category aims to provide a safe & welcoming environment for people of all genders, sexualities, abilities or ages to participate in asocial climbing competition. You may consider this category if you:

·        Don’t want to compete in the binary categories

·        Want to compete in an all-gender category

·        Identify as trans or gender diverse

·        Identify as cisgender &/or allies

Similar to the format of the masters category, our inclusive category is run with a broad mix of abilities & encourages participation from folks of all backgrounds, including transgender, agender, genderqueer & non-binary members of our community. The inclusive category serves the purpose of lowering barriers to entry for those who may not identify with the mens/womens divisions.

Kick Off Party

Beers, tunes from house DJs, food & plenty of banging boulders on February 22nd to kick off the competition in style!

Live Scoreboard

Throughout the month there will be a live scoreboard on the NOMAD website so you can keep track of your progress. View the scoreboard here.

Finals Livestream

There will be a finals live stream on 24th of April for the Open Finals and a private livestream for parents of the youth on the 23rd.




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