Take Two

Another NOMAD Bouldering event

It’s that time again, Take-Two returns for 2024 but like you’ve never seen it before!

Our annual competition takes place over a month, pushing climbers of all abilities to new levels. Climbers are rewarded for perseverance and grit.

Key Dates

Qualifiers: February 19th to March 18th

Launch Party: Wednesday February 21st

Open Finals: Friday March 22nd

How it Works

1.  Players can come in at any time during the 4 weeks of qualifiers to tick off boulders and score points

2.  The top 8 scoring climbs from the month will count to your final score

3.  The top 6 competitors will progress to finals (Youth, Open A, B & Inclusive)

4.  Throughout the qualifiers there will be bonus point scoring events. Stay tuned via our instagram stories to be notified!

5.  Players with 4 or more of their top 8 scores falling above their category will be moved up

Bonus Points Guide

1.  FLASH SALES throughout the month - some new sets will have double or higher points available for the first 24-48 hours only

2.  Updates will be posted on instagram and emailed to players

3.  More bonus points will be announced throughout the event


See below categories to find out which group you're in based on preference and ability.

If you're unsure of your NOMAD grade ask a friendly NOMAD staff member.

Open A
Women - Red-Pink +

Men - Pink +

Open B
Women - Purple-Black

Men - Black-Red

Open C
Women - Blue-Green

Men - Blue-Purple

All colours

All colours

All colours

Masters 40+
All colours

All colours - compete in groups of 3 and every week the team scoring the most points wins a prize! Click here to register your trios!

Kick-off Party

Come help us celebrate NOMAD's 7th birthday party in style and to celebrate the launch of Take Two 2024! Beers, tunes from house DJs, food & plenty of banging boulders on Wednesday Feb 2st to kick off the competition in style!

Finals Livestream

There will be a finals live stream on 21st of March for the Open Finals. Keep an eye on our instagram for a link closer to the date!