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If you have never rock climbed before, drop by, have fun and join the NOMAD climbing community. You don't need any equipment, so come get started.


Bouldering is a fast-growing and social style of rock climbing. Climbers do not use ropes or harnesses, but scale shorter walls and are protected by a very safe and thick padded floor. There is no equipment required to start bouldering, making it easy to take part . Bouldering is challenging and gymnastic, it helps build strength and confidence, it is also lots of fun!


NOMAD Bouldering gym is dedicated to creating a safe rock climbing environment for all participants. Each participant must sign a liability waiver or have a current copy on file in order to be allowed in the gym.

UNDER 18: Participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver filled out by their legal guardian.

When you arrive for your first visit, you will be required to learn and demonstrate a safe rock climbing fall technique to our trained NOMAD Instructors. This demonstration takes a few minutes and costs nothing.

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It is highly recommended that you watch the NOMAD safety video above. When bouldering, its important you understand how to fall correctly:

  • Fall with legs slightly apart, knees bent, arms in and roll with the fall.
  • Avoid falls with arms extended.
  • Ensure the safety of your fall zone before you climb, including safety of the landing. Ensure it is free of people and other potential hazards.
  • Avoid walking and sitting under climbers.
  • Children must be supervised.
  • Use a ‘spotter’ (Someone who supports the climber where necessary for a safe landing) for difficult or risky moves.
  • Know how to ‘spot.’ Be active and poised to orient falling climber correctly onto padding.
  • If you don't feel confident then don’t continue on a climb. Remember you can always escape onto the down climb holds (pink large holds) for safety.
  • Top-out bouldering: only finish standing on top of top-out boulders as demonstrated in safety brief videos. Never jump off and always safely down climb using any holds.
Watch the safety video

Youth at nomad

How many children can come rock climbing with one adult at NOMAD?

In order to reduce the risk of injury, we have specific parent-to-child supervisory ratios, depending on the age of the children. Parent:Child ratios are as follows:

Up to 6: 1:1

Parent/guardian provides constant supervision. Child must be within arm’s reach of supervising adult at all times. Children in this age range are still developing awareness and ability to understand potential for harm.

Ages 7-9: 1:2

Parent/guardian is required to remain within arms’ reach of both children at all times, meaning the children must climb together. Parent/guardian may not climb. Children under 10 may still be developing the cognitive ability to be mindful of people around them, which means parents must stay within arms reach to ensure a child, or children, do not wander into a fall zone.

Up to 10-13: 1:4

This age range requires a parent on the mats. The parent is not required to remain in arm’s reach while the children are climbing, but the supervisor may not climb. Ages 14+  youth may climb without adult supervision assuming they are able to behave appropriately as a positive part of the community. NOMAD reserves the right to require supervision of youth who prove incapable of responsible behaviour on their own. Such decisions will be made in good faith.

NOMAD Bouldering reserves the right to ask customers to leave if they refuse to abide by NOMAD’s Kids Policy.