Intermediate Course

Further your bouldering skills

The intermediate course is designed as a follow-on course from our incredibly popular beginner course. The aim of the Intermediate Program is to expand on the technique that was taught in the beginner workshop and provide more structure to your training schedules to get the most out of your sessions.


Incorporating mobility work, endurance and conditioning on the wall, more advanced technique and starting to develop a climbing specific strength protocol. 


The course consists of a 4-weektraining cycle, (designed to emulate a periodized month of training) with one 1.5 hour session each week with your coach. The sessions will be to check in with you, to work on new drills and exercises, discuss the previous week of training and outline the week leading on.


Total Price: $200





Meet Mattias. When you're not seeing Mattias compete competitively or sending outdoor projects, you'll see him around the gym coaching the intermediating bouldering class or in his clinic at ClimberCare tending to all physiotherapy needs! His strengths lie in his vast movement catalogue and problem-solving mindset. As a specialist climbing coach, Mattias knows what is required to perform on the wall, and will work with you to hone your training to match your specific goals and projects.