Create a foundation of strength and flexibility with our weekly yoga classes

Vinyasa and yin yoga help develop breath practice, body strength and body mobility. Our classes are designed to improve your yoga ability and translate to benefits on the climbing wall. There is a reason professional climbers integrate mobility routines into their weekly schedule, by activating certain chains of muscles you improve your climbing potential and increase your efficiency.


We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga classes. Sessions take into account individual people's ability, we understand everyone has different limits and needs so during the classes our instructors will cater to this.

The vinyasa yoga practice focuses on aligning breath work with a flow between positions. Vinyasa helps develop strength in a full range of movement. Our classes are bespoke and every session will provide a different challenge to provide our clients with a well balanced body for climbing and life. 

Yin yoga practice focuses on holding positions for 3-5 minutes to increase flexibility and improve circulation in joints. This is important in improving our mobility, calming the mind and balancing the body. 

These two yoga classes paired, create a great foundation of strength and flexibility for all climbers and everyday life.

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NOMAD's Zen Master



Nikki is our amazing Yoga instructor, she teaches our regulars every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Nikki is an avid boulderer and loves creating challenging classes for our members that compliment their climbing and fitness goals.