Beginner Course

Sign up to our world class beginners course to learn the fundamentals of bouldering

Our Beginner Bouldering Course is the most popular rock climbing course here at NOMAD Bouldering. The course includes 4xtwo hour lessons with a cosy group of 8 students and 2 of our specialist coaches. We keep the groups tight to ensure you get quality time with the coaches and learning can be personalised.


Extra benefits for our Adult Beginner Course attendees include a  1-month membership, and free gear hire. This allows students to come in whenever suits their schedules to practice what they have learnt during the course. 

Each session focuses on a different fundamental climbing technique. We will shift you from a theoretical understanding to execution on-the-wall. Students will have the opportunity to pick the brains of their coaches and make friends with other members of the NOMAD Bouldering community.


Our Beginner Bouldering Courses run on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening. If these days do not work for you, you can book a one on one coaching session or if you have a group of four friends or more we can schedule a flexible beginner bouldering course around your schedule.





Youth Program Director

Pete is a multi-talented Youth Program Coach, desk staff, and skilled climber. Despite his unconventional approach and lack of muscle, he has achieved great success with his technique, beta, and sequence annihilations. Pete is the go-to person if you're struggling with a boulder problem.