2023 NOMAD Hardcore Climbing Gift Guide

November 26, 2023

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2023 NOMAD Hardcore Climbing Gift Guide

'Tis the season to spread joy and surprise your avid bouldering and rock climbing friends and family with the perfect gifts to elevate their climbing experiences. 

At NOMAD, we live and breathe the dedication climbers have for their craft, and that's why we've curated a list of essential gifts, perfect for your climbing friends and family. These climbing gift ideas are aimed at enhancing their training, outdoor adventures, and technique! 

From practical tools for outdoor climbing to the most stylish summer climbing fashion, we've got you covered with hardcore climbing gift ideas.

1. Training & portable hangboards (Cost $100-250):

A must-have for every climber's home and quiver of gear - hangboards. Hangboards are one of the best ways for climbers to improve their strength or warm up their fingers. There are two main options: larger rock climbing hangboards designed for home use and portable hangboards for travel or outdoor crags. Ensure your climbing enthusiasts are properly equipped for their training.

Come into our gym to explore our pro-shop.

2. Climbing brush (Cost $20-50):

Coming in at number two, we have the affordable and essential classic - climbing brushes. If your friends or family don't already own a climbing brush, this is the perfect climbing gift for them. Even if they do, you can never have too many. A good set of climbing brushes is essential for keeping holds clean and improving friction on the wall. Our selection of high-quality climbing brushes will help your loved ones tackle even the grittiest of routes. 

  • FAZA Brushes a colourful and unique gift: Marketed as brushes for climbing with soul these brushes are all individual and unique, we have tested these outdoors extensively and they are great brushes!

3. A camera crew for a day (Cost $6000):

A climb doesn’t count unless it was filmed. Right off the bat, we have an unrivalled Christmas gift. Our Creative Director, Jason Tran, is the genius behind the imagery that emerges from NOMAD. With an impressive portfolio that includes work with renowned brands such as Salomon, Nike & Visit NSW, Jason will bring his camera gear to capture a half-day adventure, leaving you with a breathtaking 5-minute masterpiece. 

Check out Jason’s work here.

Website: https://www.suikastudios.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suikastudios/ 

Email info@nomadbouldering.com.au to find out more.

This isn't just a gift; it's a chance to transform your friends' or family's climbing experience into a cinematic masterpiece that can rival the likes of "Free Solo."

4. A nutritionist (Cost $80-120):

Think your friends or family want to find that extra edge? Consider gifting them a session with the nutritionist. Often we don’t eat enough for the training we do, or are not getting the right fuel. It's not uncommon to underestimate our nutritional needs or consume the wrong types of food, especially when engaged in rigorous training. Having a chat with a professional nutritionist is a great opportunity to gain insight into our daily dietary choices and their impact on our overall well-being, especially in the context of climbing.

We're delighted to recommend a trusted friend to NOMAD and expert in the world of nutrition, Amanda Watts of Thrive Nutrition. Amanda is not only a highly knowledgeable nutritionist but also a valued member of our gym community, having made a positive impact on numerous members with her expertise. In the world of climbing nutrition, Amanda stands as a the go-to expert, having worked closely with top Australian climbing athletes, including Australian Olympic climber, Tom O’Halloren.

5. A Makita fan (Cost $99-149):

If you want your friends and family to look like pros at the crag, check out number five - the Makita Fan. Climbing can get sweaty, especially during intense Summer sessions we’ve got coming up. A Makita fan is the perfect gift to keep climbers cool and comfortable while they push their limits. It's also great for drying hands between attempts outdoors. 

Head to Bunnings' online store to purchase the Makita fan:

6. Climbing knowledge ($25-60):

Coming in at number six is the standard Christmas present, books. But these are not any standard books. There is nothing climbers want more than a book with all the best outdoor climbing spots in Sydney or details on how to specifically train their fingers. 

  • Sydney Bouldering Guide (NEW): Whether the person you're buying for dreams of conquering crags or is just starting to explore the outdoors, a comprehensive climbing guide book is a must-have. Gift the knowledge of the best routes in Sydney! 
  • Beastmaking: A fingers-first approach to becoming a better climber: This book is a great read for people wanting to find out more about how best to train. Authored by two climbing beasts Shauna Coxey and Ned Feehally, this book has practical advice to get stronger. It has been sitting next to my bed for the last year with corners folded everywhere. 

7. NOMAD drip (Cost $30-75 - 10% Discount for NOMAD Members):

No climbing enthusiast’s Christmas should be without a touch of practical and stylish fashion. With summer approaching, NOMAD's collection  of well-designed singlets and tees will not only keep your friends and family cool but also have them climbing in style.

Come into our gym to explore our pro-shop.

8. A crag dog:

If you are at the crag without a dog what is the point? Who doesn’t want a furry friend running around, chilling out and being a general menace at the crag? When you are head down walking out of the crag without the send there is one friend who will always be a warm comfort, your new crag dog. Can’t beat the gift of a cute fluffer. 

On a serious note, if you are on the lookout for a dog to join your family this Christmas season we recommend having a look at some of the rescue dogs available through RSPCA. Many of our customers at NOMAD have gone through this process and have beautiful dogs that frequent NOMAD. 

  • Not only can you bring them to the crag, but NOMAD too :)

9. Phone stands (Cost $20-40):

Coming in at number nine is phone stands, a necessary addition for every climbing. Helpful to film climbs for social media or to look back on and improve your climbing technique. First the iconic craggy phone stand is easily portable and multi-use for filming and watching content. It is locally made and designed right here in Sydney's inner west. The craggy phone stand fits your phone with its case on and ensures climbers can record their ascents or take breathtaking photos hands-free, without worrying about their devices. Second, we have the standard tripods. These are useful for all terrains, helping you take shots outdoors on rocky surfaces. A little more fiddly to set up than the craggy phone stand, but a necessary addition for those tricky shots. 

Phone stands are an affordable addition to the Christmas climbing guide and are fast becoming a must-have accessory for climbing adventures or local climbing gym sessions. You can’t walk through a gym in South Korea, Japan or elsewhere that doesn’t have them in droves. 

Follow craggy on Instagram to find out the many ways to use this portable phone stand: @craggyau (https://www.instagram.com/craggy.au/). 

Buy them here: https://getcraggy.com/. Check out the instagram of Kim, one of our members who uses the craggy phone stand @https://www.instagram.com/climbing._.holiday/.

10. Sandpaper (Cost ~$11):

Not much to say here, sandpaper is essential to every boulderers quiver of gear. When you are climbing every second day, getting out doors and calluses keeps building and tearing sandpaper is what keeps you together. Our favourite is to grab a roll of 60 - 120 grit pending preference and keep some in your dedicated crag bag or boulder bucket pocket. 

11. Head torch (Cost $85):

A head torch is a necessity when it comes to climbing outdoors. For those early morning approaches into the crag through to late night high balls when you need to search the rock for that next hold. In Australia, through the Summer, these early morning and late night sessions are essential to beat the heat. So, if your friend or family doesn’t have a head torch in their back pocket this is the gift for you. They can range from cheap to pretty expensive, we recommend a quality entry level head torch like the Petzl Tikka

12. Arlec portable floodlight (Cost $49-69): 

Last but not least, at number twelve, we have the Arlec Floodlight, available for online purchase at Bunnings. We all know climbing doesn't stop when the sun goes down, especially during the Australian Summer when climbers are trying to beat the heat. A must-have for late-night or early-morning sessions, the Arlec Flood Light illuminates boulders in the dark. 

Head to the Bunnings online store to purchase these lights:

This Christmas, give something a little different to your climbing friends and family. 

Give your climbing friends and family gifts that show you care about their passion. Whether it's gear, training tools, or climbing fashion, your thoughtful gesture will make their holidays special.

From all of us at Team NOMAD, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season. May you climb hard and have fun adventures this festive season.

Happy climbing and happy holidays! 🎁🧗‍♂️🎄

From Team NOMAD 

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