diversity equity & inclusion policy

NOMAD Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

The NOMAD Bouldering ethos is about being better than we were the day before. It’s important to us that we continue to challenge ourselves through different perspectives and ideologies. We want to provide a space where everyone is safe and confident to be their authentic self regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, religion or any other identity. We choose to challenge ourselves and look to provide an environment where our members and customers can too.


We communicate with uncomfortable honesty because growing can be uncomfortable. Challenging unconscious biases, observing and seeking to understand different perspectives is what we ask of our members. We ask our customers and members not only to be uncomfortable and dig deep in your training and on boulders but also in your mentalities as well. 


We see diversity and equity as essential to the success of our mission and to our staff’s and customers overall wellbeing.

To provide authentic, informed direction for NOMAD Bouldering in pursuit of cultural equity we strive to:

  • Challenge unconscious biases that may result in an inequitable situation for any member or staff in our facilities.
  • Identify and remove any inequities in policy development, programs, training or services and continually seek to evaluate, update and report where necessary.
  • Continue to learn and challenge leadership mentalities that seek to create a safe and equitable workplace.
  • Encourage safe and transparent communication.
  • Dedicate time and resources to the above mentioned directives.

We will endeavour to abide by the following actions:

  • Ensure cultural competency of our staff by providing learning opportunities.
  • Encourage safe and transparent communication practices.
  • Through thorough research and consideration increase the substantial visibility of the equity and diversity initiatives for NOMAD Bouldering.
  • Develop cultural leadership policies that seek to promote leaders that reflect the diversity of our member base.
  • Create a system that ensures visibility and removal of unconscious bias during the hiring process.