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Need a hand  sticking a sick dyno (dyno; jump) on your project or running across the wall with no hands to catch that next hold. Take part in our Women's Dynamic Workshop. 

Our women's, nonbinary, trans and genderqueer dynamic workshop teaches you how to move confidently on big moves, generate momentum and safely incorporate power into your climbing repertoire.


Power is not limited to people with big muscles. In fact, it takes many shapes in climbing from swinging your body for a big move to campusing (campusing; only using your upper body) no feet. Anything that requires you to move dynamically will incorporate power. In this workshop, we will teach you the fundamentals of power that will take your climbing to the next level. This is for all ages, shapes and sizes. Learn something new and expand the spectrum of moves available to you on the wall.

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Climbing slabs and vertical routes is all about good footwork to keep you on the wall!

In this workshop, we'll teach you the fundamentals of slab and vertical climbing with techniques such as smearing, body movement and edging.

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Steep & Roof Climbing

Transitioning into steep and roof climbs can be tricky but our workshop will give you the confidence and technique to tackle these climbs!

Learn some core techniques such as heel hooks, drop knees, engaging your core and body positioning in our next workshop!

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